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Female Investors

Female Investors

Women often look at investment decisions differently than men – and with good reason. Because they have longer average lifespans, women typically need their money to last longer in retirement.

The Haws Falasco Group understands these unique concerns – and the strengths women can bring to the table when it comes to investments and financial planning.

“Suddenly Single”

A divorce or death of a spouse can be enormously stressful – especially when it’s unexpected. On top of the emotional trauma, women who have left financial matters to their spouses may suddenly find themselves responsible for the family’s finances, without any training or preparation.

At The Haws Falasco Group, we focus on simplifying complex financial issues and guiding you through everything you need to know about managing your and your family’s money – from mapping out day-to-day expenses to planning and investing for the future. We also work with couples and families, making sure everyone has a working knowledge and understanding of the family’s investments. Ultimately, we’re here to provide compassionate guidance and education at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Female Entrepreneurs

When it comes to enjoying a rewarding career and a fulfilling family life, there’s no question that women can “have it all” – the challenge is having it all at the same time. The Haws Falasco Group can help you plan for many of the financial aspects of running a business, from planning for succession to evaluating employee retirement options to protecting your assets. We can also help you strike the right life/career balance with guidance into the issues that deeply affect professional women, like how to smoothly leave and re-enter the workforce or exploring the hidden costs of caregiving for a loved one.

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